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24/26 things

twenty four hours twenty six things.

April 10, 2015

Ludomade created a challenge for our multi-talented team of artists, designers, developers, animators, and producers: “in 3 working days, make 26 things, one for each letter of the alphabet” or more poetically “twenty four hours twenty six things”.

This type of challenge isn’t new, and we must give credit to artists such as Everett Downing who created 365 superheroes; and Timothy Anderson who is currently creating a piece of art for Star Wars every day until Episode VII is released. Ludomade’s approach to the timed creative challenge requires incredibly rapid iteration; it encourages quick failures; it celebrates eccentricity; and alleviates design fixation. But above all else, it is fun.

24/26 deaths

Setting the requirement of “one for each letter of the alphabet” serves to make the challenge seem impossible, and at Ludomade we embrace impossible. However, what sounds like a difficult requirement actually helps the creative process because it introduces a guideline to focus the thinking with each iteration.

Ludomade’s Senior Animator, Zee Bashew was the first to accept the challenge and in 24 hours (3 full working days) Zee animated 26 deaths, one for each letter of the alphabet. During this marathon animation session, Stephanie Che, a designer at Ludomade had 24 hours to create 26 logos to brand the challenge. Although, we happily removed the alphabet requirement for this one. The latest in the series is Nick Pappas with 26 visual effects created in 24 hours.

At Ludomade, we love nothing more than finding multiple solutions to a problem. The purpose of “twenty four hours twenty six things” is to demonstrate our problem solving abilities in a playful and creative way.

24/26 logos

24/26 fx

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